Gaintec Company Limited

Gaintec Electronics Manufactory

Noise cancellation headset, earphones.

Bluetooth headsets, bluetooth earphones.

Multimedia, communication and gaming headset.

2.4 GHz wireless and infra-red wireless headset.

Bluetooth series

Wireless series

Noise cancellation

Computer headsets

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Product range

Open items are available, please contact our sales team for more information.

Regular style, in-ear, over-the-ear style.

DJ style, foldable, regular, aviation headsets.

Available for different phone models.

Back-wear style.

Stereo headphones

Stereo headphones

Stereo earphone

Hands-free kits

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With different input/output voltage and current available for different phone models or products.

With different connectors for a wide range of phone models.

In different standards for different countries.

USB cables, HDMI cables, etc.

Solar chargers

USB cables

Car chargers

Travel chargers

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USB cup warmers, massagers, fans, etc.

Bluetooth speakers, foldable speakers, etc.

Different combinations available.

Desktop, clip-on, over-the-ear microphones.

Portable speakers


USB gadgets

USB travel kits

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