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Gaintec Electronics Manufactory

Internal, external and structural designs, our experienced staff aim to satisfy your demand and meet your target price.

gallery/product design
gallery/prototype development
gallery/mold development

1:1 working prototype for final confirmation before further proceed.

Efficient, cost-effective and production-oriented are the most essential factors for mold making.

Product design

Prototype development

Mold design and making

Different sizes of injection machines are available to meet your production capacity.

gallery/plastic injection
gallery/wire processing

Your best solution of wire and cable manufacturing.

More than 200 well-trained workers are ready to serve you.

Plastic injection

Cable and wire processing

Product assembly and packaging

Our contractors include designers and packaging manufacturers will work together to serve you.

gallery/packaging design
gallery/worldwide shipment
gallery/drop shipment

We ship products all over the world..

Our logistic department offers drop shipping service as well.

Packaging design

Worldwide shipping

Drop shipping