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GAINTEC has more than 2 decades of experience in developing and manufacturing electro-acoustic products, mobile phone accessories, computer peripherals and electronic gadgets. Our ISO9001:2008 certified factory located at Huizhou of China, near to Shenzhen and Hong Kong, the cost-effective workforce in China together with our geographical advantage further strengthens our competitiveness.



Professional team


Put our team to work on your next project, our systematic & efficient management, high & flexible production capacity, advanced equipment & facilities for product development together with strong workforce & team spirit means no project is ever too big or too small.

Gain more technical support with GAINTEC's expertise, you'll always smell with satisfaction !



Our expertise in both developing and manufacturing means you get the quality products you want whenever you need them and at your target price........


Our knowledge and resources will work in your favor when dealing with others. Best of all, we handle all the headaches and excuses for you !



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